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Wildlife Haven

Campaign Branding & Campaign Roll-Out

How we collaborated with UpHouse Inc. to create a social impact campaign that increased donations to help injured wildlife.

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre has been rehabilitating injured, sick and orphaned wildlife for their return to the wild since 1984.

Wildlife Haven See Me Wild Campaign Logos
See Me Wild Campaign Logos

They are a volunteer-driven, registered charity that has cared for over 50,000 wildlife who play a vital role in the ecological and biological processes that are essential to life itself.

Wildlife Haven Social Media Awareness Campaign
Social Media Awareness Campaign

Wildlife Haven relies on the generous support of volunteers and donors like you to rehabilitate wildlife and educate about the awareness, appreciation and peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

Wildlife Haven Information Booklet
Information Booklet
“90% of wildlife patients are admitted to the Wildlife Haven hospital because of human interference.”
Interior Spread of Information Booklet
Interior Spread of Information Booklet
Wildlife Haven Donor Certificate
Donor Certificate

The campaign branding went on to be used as a limited edition craft beer in collaboration with Nonsuch Brewing, with a portion of the sales going to help injured wildlife in Manitoba.

Wild Life Beer by Nonsuch
Wild Life Beer by Nonsuch
Recognized as winner for Best Campaign Under $50,000 in 2022

In 2022 the Advertising Association of Winnipeg recognized UpHouse Inc.'s "See Me Wild" Campaign as Best Campaign Under $50,000 at the 2022 Signature Awards.