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Helping Home One Scale Up

Home One, a Berlin-based eco-friendly tiny home manufacturer, partnered with Little Ghost to redefine their brand. We helped them create an updated identity that highlights their commitment to sustainability and innovation, reaching audiences in both English and German. Here's how we did it.

Contemporary tiny home partially obscured by lush green foliage, with the label 'Home One' visible on its black exterior.Contemporary tiny home partially obscured by lush green foliage, with the label 'Home One' visible on its black exterior.

More Than Just Tiny Homes

Home One celebrates the home as a place of freedom and flexibility. Their modular tiny homes defy traditional housing, offering solar-powered options for families and hospitality brands who value sustainable living.

A tiny home by Home One nestled in a lush German forest, demonstrating the seamless integration of sustainable housing with natural surroundings.

Expanding Sustainable Living

Home One was ready to grow. Founded in 2018, they wanted to transition from a niche cabin provider to a well-known name in sustainable homes. Their goal was to expand from offering single-story homes to multi-story, solar-powered family homes.

“We believe that buying a home should be as easy as buying food or clothing.”
— Max Mealing, Chief Commercial Officer
Close-up of the Home One logo in crisp white letters on the dark textured exterior of a tiny home, symbolizing high-quality, sustainable living in Germany.

Home One had provided cabins and cabins to many B2B and B2C customers while also establishing offices in Germany and Austria. But they knew their start-up brand was limiting their growth. In Summer 2022, they connected with Little Ghost Creative to help rebrand and evolve their business.

They knew their existing name, positioning and visual identity was limiting the full potential of their evolution.

“When we started developing minimal houses a few years ago, we successfully broke new ground. Now it's time to conquer new terrain and expand the product range.”
— Max Mealing, Chief Commercial Officer
Laptop screen displaying Home One's website with the headline "Housing the Future," showcasing a modern tiny home's interior, promoting timeless design and long-lasting quality in Germany's sustainable housing market.
Brochure titled "Cabin Black" by Home One rests on a wooden stair step, showcasing the exterior of a tiny home in a forest setting, highlighting the integration of nature and modern design in Germany.
Open brochure displaying a sleek, minimalist design of a tiny home's interior bathroom in Home One's brochure, emphasizing clear lines and functional aesthetics in sustainable housing. The text is in German, promoting the coherent design philosophy of Cabin Black by Home One, set on a metal table casting a delicate shadow pattern.

Collaborating Across Time Zones

Little Ghost collaborated with Home One's Berlin-based team through virtual workshops to evolve the Home One brand.

We hosted several discovery sessions to understand their goals, challenges, target audiences and competitors. Despite different time zones and languages, we found an efficient way to collaborate.

During these sessions, the Little Ghost team became mini experts in the Home One brand, getting a thorough understanding of their “why,” their brand challenges, their target audiences, their competitors and more.

The team communicated that their primary objective for their new brand was for it to reflect their values of “minimal living", conscious to not stray too far from their roots.

Informational outdoor display by Home One detailing the features of the Cabin Sauna, with diagrams and text in German, highlighting sustainable construction and smart space utilization in a forest setting.
A schematic of a tiny home's interior design cast in sunlight, showing detailed room layouts and furnishings.

We identified two key target audiences: B2B clients in the tourism industry and B2C clients looking to build a home for their family. We crafted brand experience principles to create a consistent brand experience for both groups.

“Our genuine vision is to provide choice and the ability to choose the best way of living, irrespective of your circumstances or where you come from.”
— Max Mealing, Chief Commercial Officer
Hands holding a brochure detailing the layout of 'Cabin Black', showing a schematic of the interior design including living, dining, and sleeping areas.

We examined Home One’s competitors and found that they lacked emotional connection and humanized branding. We saw an opportunity to use storytelling to create an emotional connection with Home One’s customers.

While these may seem like conclusions that came to us quickly, brand strategy work at Little Ghost takes countless hours and thorough research. In order to strongly position a brand, we believe our clients need to have a deep understanding of their industry so they can stay ahead of the curve.

A collection of floating keychains with 'Home One' branding in alternating black and white colours.

Built with Intention

We presented three creative directions to Home One, each focusing on feelings of home, natural colours and textures and minimalist design elements. We evolved Cabin One to Home One, expanding the identity while staying true to their roots.

From sketches to final design, Home One's logo became a symbol of modern simplicity and eco-consciousness.

“I'm super happy we found you because the quality of your work is just so amazing.”
— Simon Becker, Co-Founder
A spread showing 20 custom icons designed for Home One.

Launching the New Home One

We went beyond branding to organize a strategic launch event and create a responsive website, and we attended the launch event in Berlin to support Home One’s new online presence.

Our work with Home One has set a new standard in the housing industry. The new brand embodies sustainable, modern living and is ready to grow with every family it shelters.

A tiny home by Home One obscured by forest.
“We are all very proud of the successful rebranding. Thank you Robyn and the whole team for the great work.”
— Max Mealing, Chief Commercial Officer


Home One GmBh

  • Simon Becker — Co-Founder
  • Max Mealing — Chief Commercial Officer
  • Eva Stöhr — Marketing Manager
  • Julia Nimke — Photography

Little Ghost

  • Robyn Kacperski — Strategy & Creative Direction
  • Catrina Silveira — Brand Identity Design
Outdoor dining area of a modern, black tiny home with a set of yellow plastic chairs around a rectangular table on a wooden deck.Outdoor dining area of a modern, black tiny home with a set of yellow plastic chairs around a rectangular table on a wooden deck.

Reinventing agriculture

UKKÖ Robotics

UKKÖ Robotics is transforming pasture-based farming in North America and Europe. In 2022, they partnered with Little Ghost Creative to increase their digital presence and showcase their sustainable farming solutions. We helped them build a strong online identity, create engaging content, and reach a new generation of tech-savvy farmers.