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Newtone School of Language

Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging & Brand Identity

Newtone empowers international students to thrive in Canadian classrooms by building a strong English language foundation.

In early 2022, the team at Education Canada Group (ECG) approached us, expressing their interest in launching a new English language education brand. The team saw an opportunity to establish a brand for the accredited English language courses offered to international students through Robertson College. Our entire team at Little Ghost Creative was excited about the potential of naming, and building the brand strategy and brand identity for a school in the Canadian education sector.

In the Spring of 2022, we presented the finalized Newtone brand strategy and identity to a team of 50+ Education Canada Group team members. The feedback was unanimously positive and all agreed Newtone was the right direction.

The concept behind this visual direction was to develop a brand that felt down-to-earth and minimal. We wanted the brand to feel like a guide and companion to the modern learner. The concept included modern colours, high-fi photography and simple yet refined graphic elements.

“Robyn made sure to really understand what was important to us and to make sure that her work was a reflection of our vision and mission.”

Belinda Loschiavo, Vice President, Robertson Global, Education Canada Group

We moved from concept to execution and began by designing a logomark that could accompany our brand name while also stand alone.

Early on, our client had communicated their desire to honour and respect the Indigenous language that was originally taught on Treaty 1 Territory in Manitoba. So we began to explore this idea further, using the word Mâci (to begin) as a starting point.

With the logomark in place, we moved on to selecting a typeface and brand colors, all while ensuring this new brand would compliment its sister, Robertson College.

Over the last year, the Newtone team has been working behind-the-scenes to determine the next best steps for launching the brand. Discussions are in place regarding the website build and launch timeline.

“Working with Robyn was easy and pleasant. She did a fantastic job delivering us a thoughtful brand vision and story that reflected the most important values we wanted to convey.”

Belinda Loschiavo, Vice President, Robertson Global, Education Canada Group

The entire team at Little Ghost Creative can’t wait to see how this new local leader in the English language education sector exists in the real world.

“We did not receive just a name and a logo; every piece of the brand identity told part of our story and was thoughtfully included in the final product.”

Belinda Loschiavo, Vice President, Robertson Global, Education Canada Group