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Liz Ferocious

Personal Brand Identity, Brand Roll-Out & Website

Liz is about all things future-think. She believes in business transformation, equity, diversity, reconciliation and leadership.

Visual of Liz Choi from Winnipeg smiling
Meet the ferocious and inspirational Liz Choi

She wanted her personal brand to reflect all these qualities, as well as set her up for future success wherever her career may take her and to inspire the female leaders of tomorrow through engaging and authentic social media content.

As CEO of ECG (Education Canada Group), President of Robertson College and 2021 Board Chair of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, it's no wonder Liz Choi has earned the title "Ferocious". Liz is a force to be reckoned with both at the boardroom table and in front of the podium. When she stepped into the role of Board Chair of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce in 2021 her admirers stated that this would be the start of the #FerociousEra. She felt it was time to invest in herself by crafting an identity that would be true to her values, that could grow with her and ultimately be used as a tool for inspiration and change.

Colour examples of Liz Choi's logo
Colour variations of Liz Choi's logo

It all started with a discovery session where we learned how Liz’s closest family, friends and team members would describe her. Words like “nurturing” “bold”, “revolutionary”, “fierce”, “mama bear”, “champion of people” and “trail blazer” all came to the surface. We discovered that there was a duality to Liz, a ferocious leader and a nurturing soul. This duality was the cornerstone of our creative thought process.

From here we presented two moodboard directions; one that played it safe and one that…didn’t. Liz chose a more ambitious route, a direction that drew on her fierce, transformative nature, but one that was also clean and professional when needed. The brand identity concept we pitched pulled in a vibrant red inspired by her personal style as a primary colour and combined that with secondary colours that reflected her nurturing, ferocious and future thinking qualities. These colours, when combined with black and off-white, create a bold and highly flexible design system. We took this personal brand identity a step further by crafting a buildable system of hand-drawn brand elements, which paired nicely with a punchy display font, custom #FerociousEra design and brand messaging that grabs attention.

Liz Choi's personal brand wordmark and stationery set
Liz Choi wordmark along with her stationery set
LIz Choi's horizontal logo stating "Liz Ferocious"
Flexible colours for Liz's horizontal logo
“I’m just so happy that I’ve been able to find and work with such a creative, talented, visual artist that has been able to tap into my inner beliefs and thoughts, and help me bring it all to life.”

Liz Choi, Female CEO

Instagram grid for Liz Choi's personal brand
An example of Liz's Instagram grid

Although Liz fully embraces her new identity as “Liz Ferocious”, we still wanted to ensure her logo suite would work as hard as she does. Along with a flexible suite of primary logos, we designed a custom secondary suite of logos using her full given name “Liz Choi” for use on items like her resume, along with a suite of smaller brand marks using her first name “Liz” that could be used when space was tight or to add a graphic accent. The entire suite of logos achieves consistency without boring repetition.

A design mockup of Liz Choi's branded LinkedIn profile
Liz Choi on LinkedIn

With the help of a brand standards guide containing true to life demonstrations of the brand in use, Liz has been able to take her personal brand to a whole new level. Since the launch Liz has been active on Instagram and LinkedIn, taking ownership of her design system and using the brand elements to build her own posts that are helpful, inspiring and engaging for her target audience.

Branded Instagram story templates
Branded Instagram Stories

The launch of Liz’s personal brand has gone on to inspire other female CEOs and influencers, pushing them to place a higher value on themselves and to invest in personal brands of their own.

A custom hashtag with visual #FerociousEra
Let the #FerociousEra begin
“Working with Little Ghost Creative was a dream!”

Liz Choi, Female CEO