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Tea Curious

Brand Identity

Tea Curious is a space where people can be passionate about artisan teas and the craft of brewing the perfect cup.

Blue Tea Curious logos in a variety of brand colours
Variations of the Tea Curious logo in different formats.

The owners wanted to create good teas and a sustainable business that both created excitement and educated people on tea pairings, their origins and cultural relevance, like proper glassware. Tea Curious offers courses, free content, products and a community for tea lovers to share their passion.

White Tea Curious logo next to photo of women picking tea leaves
Square knockout version of the Tea Curious logo

In September 2021, Tea Curious set out to reinvigorate their brand identity. Back in 2007, the business was born out of a passion for connection, education and curiosity – the exact sentiments the owners wanted to showcase in their updated brand.

"In our tea community, "Down the Rabbit Hole” is a common thing for people to say. You hit a certain point and you go down the tea rabbit hole. I loved learning about flavor, history and culture, different teas and collecting different teas, learning how to brew them and what teapots to use.” Rie told me during our Discovery Session.

Tea Curious logo in white and brand favicons with Gaiwan teapot
The Tea Curious logo along with a selection of branded icons.
“Our product is education, but what people truly value at the end of the day is the connection.”

— Rie Tulali, Owner

Brand pattern for use in Canva for sustainable tea company Tea Curious
Branded pattern in use.

Tea Curious came to us with a mission: they wanted to create beautiful packaging and brand imagery that spoke to tea culture and its origins. They wanted a logo mark or an iconography set that created a sense of wonder for the brand. In tea practice, the Gaiwan pot is a staple element they wanted to include in some aspect of the design.

With the importance of connection, culture, movement and wonder in mind, we created the Tea Curious logo mark:

The swirls above the pot symbolize education and the chance to deepen your love for tea.

Tea Curious wordmarks and branded tea packaging for gifts
Tea Curious packaging and wordmark variations.

The Gaiwan pot symbolizes how we are all vessels waiting to be filled, with the swirl of liquid showcasing we are overflowing with passion.

The energetic blue and white colors symbolize water, history and porcelain – all key parts of the experience Tea Curious creates and believes in.

“Robyn was very thorough during the branding process to capture our thoughts, ideas, and needs.”

— Rie Tulali, Owner

Tea Curious minimal brand icons in blue and teal next to gaiwan tea pot
Tea Curious logomarks in two brand colours.
“We were able to work with a designer who we felt was just on the same wavelength as us, while still benefiting from her incredible experience setting up niche brands like ours for success and scale.”

— Rie Tulali, Owner

Gaiwan tea pot and four Tea Curious minimal logos
Flexible brand marks for Tea Curious to choose from.

The brand logo mark and identity system leaned into the Tea Curious values, keeping connection, education and history at the forefront. The identity system we delivered is fluid, allowing it to be slightly altered and used on different marketing materials including web, product packaging, gift packaging and more. But above all else – it encourages others to be curious about what tea-related treasures they’ll find inside. Using their new brand, Rie and Steven launched a new website, revamped their social media presence and dove into the task of creating a product line featuring sustainable packaging.

Sustainable packaging design for the Tea Curious brand next to Water Wizardy logo designs in white
Sustainable packaging and considerations for future sub-brands.
“We felt super involved, super listened-to, and super respected.”

Rie Tulali, Owner