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Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity & Brand Roll-Out

Reyou's courses, retreats and online community help visitors build lasting mindfulness skills that help them on their journey through life.

In the winter of 2022, Lead Facilitator and Untold Stories Studio Founder, Patlee Creary, Ph.D., came to Little Ghost Creative with a problem.

“I felt like my business name and logo no longer worked for what my business had grown into.”

Patlee Creary, Ph.D., Founder & Lead Facilitator

During our intro call Patlee shared that she knew it was clear that change was needed since procrastinating on installing an outdoor sign for nearly a year after moving into her new space because she felt her brand name, Untold Stories Narrative Storytelling Studio, and visual identity no longer served her growing business.

Little Ghost Creative listened to Patlee's concerns and communicated that brand naming, strategic positioning and a new visual identity would help to clarify her offering, tell her story on a deeper level and allow her to grow her business effortlessly in any direction she chooses.

We began with a Discovery Session, learning more about Patlee as a person, and dug into the story, goals and challenges of her business, Untold Stories Studio.

“I did not know what to expect going into our conversations, but [Robyn] had an open and friendly vibe that made me comfortable asking questions.”

Patlee Creary, Ph.D., Founder & Lead Facilitator

Armed with Patlee's perspective we began to research her industry, her business, services and brand name and positioning trends and tropes in her sector.

We soon presented our findings along with a competitive analysis and identified 3 key target audiences: business owners, millennials with health benefits and mature career professions. We then presented 3 brand name, tagline, brand story and visual moodboard options, with Patlee ultimately falling in love with Reyou Mindfulness.

With the brand name selected, Little Ghost Creative presented a hand crafted positioning statement created to help Patlee's ideal audience connect with Reyou Mindfulness on a deeper level.

One-of-a-kind effective mindfulness tools that stick with you on your journey through life. 

Positioning Statement

We presented 9 key brand messages that Patlee could use across her website, social media and other brand activations centred around 3 key brand experience priciples:

The brand must act as a trusted guide, offer helpful advice and provide inspiration to the target audience.

Brand Experience Principles

With the brand naming, strategic positioning and key messaging complete, it was time to craft the Reyou Mindfulness visual identity.

We developed a responsive logo for Reyou centred around a concept of a journey the never ending journey of one's self discovery.

We explored an extensive visual suite for the brand that would help to tell the brand story visually, would lend flexibility to the identity system and presented a selection of colours, typefaces, shapes, graphics and a photography direction that would help to portray Reyou as professional, approachable and rooted.

We selected a timeless serif typeface that communicates wisdom while being on-trend and fresh.

We paired deep forest tones with the soft neutrals, playing off a professional yet fresh theme, and created a calming reassurance that the client is in trusted hands through a selection of secondary and tertiary brand colours.

With all the components of the new Reyou Mindfulness brand complete we crafted the Brand Guidelines, an extensive document detailing Reyou's strategic positioning, storytelling and messaging along with in-depth standards for use of each component of the visual identity. This is a document that Patlee can use to educate her team and will help her remain consistent to the original vision as the brand grows.

Little Ghost Creative helped to introduce the new Reyou brand to the world through a Shopify website reskin, stationary suite design and even helped to design signage for Patlee's commercial space, which was installed in Spring, 2023.

“I deeply appreciate my brand story and identity, and now know what it takes to cultivate, protect, and nurture it.”

Patlee Creary, Ph.D., Founder & Lead Facilitator