German Minimal Homes

Home One

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Launch & Website

Home One is a Berlin-based designer and manufacturer of pre-fab minimalist and sustainable tiny homes.

Originally named Cabin One, Home One's mission is to celebrate home as a place that offers the same freedom and flexibility as our daily lives. Their tiny homes defy the conventions of the traditional rigid housing market.

They connected with Little Ghost Creative in the Summer of 2022, looking to rebrand and rename with a vision to evolve into the next chapter of their business — from designing just cabins and saunas to designing cabins, saunas and single family homes. It was clear the brand was growing quickly, but they knew their existing name, positioning and visual identity was limiting the full potential of their evolution.

“When we started developing minimal houses a few years ago, we successfully broke new ground. Now it's time to conquer new terrain and expand the product range.”

Max Mealing, Chief Commercial Officer

Learn more about the strategic process behind Home One's rebrand. Read the full case study.

“Our genuine vision is to providechoice and the ability to choose the best way of living, irrespective of your circumstances or where you come from.”

Max Mealing, Chief Commercial Officer

We collaborated with Home One's Berlin-based team remotely to naturally evolve Cabin One to Home One. Through our Discovery and Strategy sessions we defined Home One's mission, vision, values, audience and competitors. We aligned on their brand's visual direction and got to work expanding the visual identity with new elements, conscious to not stray too far from their roots.

Every aspect of the Home One brand identity was intentional.

From the colours, which we pulled from Home One’s product line and natural elements around the homes, down to logo mark, typography and the shapes within the iconography, which were inspired by elements pulled from the actual bulkheads in Home One’s builds.

“I'm super happy we found you because the quality of your work is just so amazing.”

— Simone Becker, Co-Founder

“We are all very proud of the successful rebranding. Thank you Robyn and the whole team for the great work.”

Max Mealing, Chief Commercial Officer