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The Beeproject Apiaries brand mixed innovation with sustainability – a powerful combo.

A "Winnipeg" flag design is seen within an outlined shape of Manitoba created in the Beeproject Apiaries brand colours, yellow, black and white.
Urban pollination in the heart of the city. 

In 2017, Lindsay and Chris from Beeproject came to me with a challenge. They needed a consistent visual brand with a sustainability spin that matched the eco-conscious values of their business.

“We basically needed to be sat down and explained the importance of branding.”

Chris Kirouac, Beeproject Apiaries

Beeproject Apiaries Neighbourhood Honey Jars are displayed on a table.
The jar seals we created for Beeproject's Neighbourhood Honey line features the names of the Winnipeg neighbourhoods where their honey is collected.

Since the initial meeting in 2017, Little Ghost Creative has completed 24 projects for the Winnipeg-based local company that specializes in urban beekeeping, honey production and educating the community.

It all started with a brand identity guide, determining the strengths of the Beeproject brand and nailing down the visual look. This shifted to jar seal design, banners and hive signage to showcase who they are, what they do and why they do it.

The Urban Pollination Project proposal was particularly pivotal in showcasing Beeproject’s ventures to prospective clients. This document presented the visual brand while educating potential clients on the work they do and how it benefits the community. It streamlined the process and directly impacted their ability to connect with others. This proposal was distributed electronically to minimize waste and secured both local and national businesses including Jardins St. Leon, Crampton's Market, Canada Life, CBC Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro and the City of Winnipeg as clients.

“Had we not started working with you, I don’t think our business would have grown the way that it did because of the lack of continuity we had in our branding.”

— Lindsay Nikkel, Beeproject Apiaries

A page from Beeproject's Urban Pollination Project Proposal showing a yellow area with content explaining three reasons to host a hive.
We made sure future Urban Pollination Project clients were greeted with a branded and professional proposal.

In 2019, we conceptualized and designed a pop-up market space for Beeproject to sell their wares and educate people on the environmental impact of their bees. This space was among 300 others at the Third + Bird urban market and it gave people an opportunity to experience the product and brand in a physical space.

Alongside these singular projects, we also built an e-commerce website where Beeproject could easily sell honey, hive shares and other products. This was one of the projects that showcased cohesive online branding and a new level of professionalism for the local business.

Beeproject Apiaries Third+Bird Market promotional brand materials.
Even with the hustle and bustle of Third + Bird, the Beeproject booth was a world on its own.

Over 50% of Beeproject’s profits come from their hive services and over 45% comes from their honey. They’ve reported both streams of revenue have dramatically increased since the new design and attention to branding. The brochures, signage and custom labels are all ways they continually showcase their professionalism.

“Your work has brought us a cohesiveness that has allowed us to build commitment with our clients. It elevates our level of professionalism.”

— Lindsay Nikkel, Beeproject Apiaries

When asked what they’ve taken away from working with Little Ghost Creative, Beeproject said they learned the importance of being agile and being able to pivot while finding new ways to be creative without straying from the brand. They’ve realized the importance of design in all the things they do.

Beeproject Apiaries graphic type treatment for "Become a Bee Ambassador"
Beeproject gives everyone the opportunity to become a bee ambassador for their neighbourhood.
“You’ve done such an amazing job of understanding our brand and took it to an entirely different level than we could have imagined.”

— Lindsay Nikkel, Beeproject Apiaries