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How I Build Brands in Only 6 Weeks

Six weeks is all it takes to launch a purposeful and strategic brand that makes a big statement with little environmental impact. Here's how its done.
Designing a successful brand is much more than a logo. It’s about building the visual expression of your business. It’s about authentically communicating your values and story. It’s about creating a brand that makes a difference in your consumers lives. And, it’s about standing out from the millions of other brands trying to make a name for themselves.

My philosophy on design is that it’s no longer about tangibility, but rather impact.

At Little Ghost Creative, six weeks is all it takes to launch a purposeful and strategic brand that makes a big statement with little environmental impact. That may sound fast, but I believe that the brand building process can be streamlined by focusing on collaboration. Your brand shouldn’t be a mystery. I’ll bring you along on the journey from start to finish.

Here’s how I strategically build conscious brands in only six weeks without leaving a big footprint on our planet.

Robyn working on brand identity moodboards
Behind the scenes of moodboard development.

6 Steps to Launching Your Brand Fast

Step 1: Discovery

Discovery Session

Every brand I build starts with a Discovery Session. Think of it as a (virtual) coffee date with a new friend! I listen to your goals and challenges. I ask questions about any visuals or ideas you already have for your business. You’ll tell me about growth opportunities. And, of course, we’ll dig into your brand’s purpose — your why. This is a time for us to simply connect.

To prepare you for our Discovery Session, I send over a questionnaire a week ahead of time. This way you know exactly what to expect, no surprises. I always record and save these Discovery Sessions so we can both be in the moment and focused on sharing thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

After I listen back to the recording, I build out your Discovery Session Documentation. This summarizes what we chatted about. It’s my way of making sure we’re on the same page from the very start. I send it off to you and then you have the opportunity to review and make any additions before we move forward.

What You’ll Get:

  • Discovery Prep Questionnaire
  • Discovery Session Documentation

Step 2: Moodboards

Research & Moodboards

This is where I start to dig deep. I take what we uncovered in our Discovery Session and begin additional research. I examine your organization, your industry, your audience and competitors as much as possible. My goal is to become an expert in your market. I look into statistics, facts and other data that might inform my course of action.

This work frames my strategic direction for building you a sustainable, elevated brand.

Next, we get together (virtually!) and I’ll present conceptual ideas in the form of moodboards. This is how I visually communicate the possible tone, style and aesthetic of your brand. I may use a mix of images, text, colours and patterns to do so. I bring two to three different digital moodboards for us to discuss. I like to keep these files digital to minimize our carbon footprint. But you’re always welcome to print them out if you need to take a closer look.

This is our chance to really collaborate. You provide your feedback and ideas until eventually, together, we determine what direction best fits your brand. Now this is where things start to get really exciting!

What You’ll Get:

  • Brand Moodboard Presentation Containing 2-3 Moodboarded Directions
Moodboards for a tea company
Actual moodboards presented to Tea Curious.

Step 3: Brand Concept & Pitch

Concept Development

Brands should tell a story – and so should the concept. I channel all of my creative energy into pushing the one concept of the moodboard we agreed upon as far as I can.

I design a mix of logo variations for you to get a sense of how your brand will live in different applications. I also select various brand colours, free and premium brand fonts, brand imagery, graphics….and any other elements I believe are key to your brand’s identity. All of these elements are used to create branded mockups, which are demonstrations of how your brand will look in places like Instagram, signage, apparel and other important brand touchpoints.

I refine this concept to perfection. And then, I share it with you!

Pitch Presentation

We book another time to meet and I present to you (and your team) a true to life concept that showcases your new brand. This presentation walks you through your highly scalable and flexible brand logos. I also include various design elements to attract your target audience in the way only a cohesive brand identity can.

At this point in the process, collaboration is so important. I encourage you to ask questions, provide honest feedback and take the concept back to share with your team.

What You’ll Get:

  • Brand Concept Pitch Containing Brand Concept and True to Life Demonstrations
Presentation slides featuring blue design
These are the initial brand identity concept presented to Tea Curious.

Step 4: Concept Refinement

Brand Refinement

Your feedback matters to me. Truly. I want you to be empowered by the brand you put into the world. I offer a 15 minute chat every time you’re ready to provide feedback as I know it’s sometimes easier to chat through your thoughts in person instead of email.

This is one of, if not the, most crucial stage of building your brand. It’s important feedback is as objective as possible.


  • Keep your audience in mind
  • Design is a collaboration
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Be honest (but kind)

Once I gather all your suggestions, comments and feedback from the pitch, I go back to designing. I ensure I’ve listened to all your requests so that when we meet again, your refined brand matches your aesthetic and goals. My objective is to build you an elevated and strategic brand that also aligns with your expectations.

Logo revision process
Tea Curious used two rounds of refinements to arrive at the perfect mark.

Step 5: Your Approval

Brand Approval

I continue to iterate on your brand until we’re completely aligned. I include two rounds of refinements in my brand concepts. I believe quality trumps quantity. So I focus revisions into two final revised concept pitches for your review and feedback.

Once refinements are perfect, we move forward on your final brand.

What You’ll Get:

  • 2 Rounds of Refinements
  • 2 Revised Concept Pitch Documents for Review
"For you to show enthusiasm but to also treat us with respect. It’s been a mutually respectful relationship where you’ve shown what we do is valuable and our opinions are valuable too.”
Lindsay Nikkel, Bee Project Apiaries
Robyn holding a Pantone swatch book
The last step: Choosing your Pantone spot colours.

Step 6: Delivery & Training

Brand Delivery

This is the stage where I get to deliver you your final brand identity. Congratulations! We did it. You receive high quality exports of all brand elements that you can save and use across brand launch assets.

I also provide you with a Brand Standards Guide. These will be the guidelines that help ensure your brand is consistent in different applications. Think of this as your brand’s Bible. Refer to it often and share it with vendors who are using your logo. Then update it (I can help!) as your brand grows and evolves.

What You’ll Get:

  • Your Brand Standards Guide PDF
  • Vector Logo Marks Suite Formatted for Print, Digital and Web Use
  • A Folder Containing Your Brand Fonts
  • Your Brand’s Colour Suite
  • A Folder Containing Additional Vector Brand Elements

One on One Brand Training

By now, our time together is nearing an end. But first, I want to make sure you understand and can speak about your brand as if you designed it.

In this final stage, I walk you through how to share your brand with the world.

In this final hand-off session, I also offer any design training you may need. I explain things like print vs. digital file formats, matching Pantone colours, purchasing imagery and answer any other questions you might have.

What You’ll Get:

  • A link to a password protected website containing a link to download your final brand files
  • A description of what’s included in your brand package
  • A client engagement survey
  • A 1hr training session
  • Ongoing support as you grow the brand
Now, it’s time to introduce your brand to the world.
"We learned so much about the value of good and consistent branding.”
Chris Kirouac, Beeproject Apiaries
Robyn Kacperski on the phone with a design client
If questions come up, I'm just a call or text away

That’s how I build ethical, sustainable brands in only 6 weeks

My goal with every project is to bring strategic, sustainable branding to businesses who care. If you bring a creative problem to me, I’ll find an eco-conscious solution that engages your audience and elevates your brand, all while staying true to your vision.

Every groundbreaking idea has to start somewhere, tell me what you’re working on.