German Minimal Homes

Home One

“I'm super happy we found you because the quality of your work is just so amazing.”
Over the last 3 years Cabin One has built resorts, cabins, saunas and made minimalist architecture available to those who share the same principles and dreams as them; a love for sustainable, accessible and minimal housing. With plans of expanding their product line into single family homes, the Cabin One team soon found it was time to update their name and identity, Little Ghost Creative was chosen from hundreds of applicants across the globe to bring the new Home One brand to life.

Meet Home One

Here's Home One in action
The original Cabin One logo on one of their cabins

The Brand

A peak at the Home One brand strategy and identity guidelines
The brand's colours were inspired by the natural elements in and around the home
The brand's iconography system featuring thick outlines inspired by features inside the home
The brand's shape system and how it can be used in layouts
Product catalog
Cabin Black information card
A demonstration of the Home One Instagram feed using the brand's photography system
A glimpse at what the website could look like
What signage could look like on the homes
Corporate signage for their Berlin offices
Branded "Welcome Home" gifts
Showhome signage

Project Team

Brand Strategy & Creative Direction by Robyn Kacperski, Design by Catrina Silveira